///BTP Partners With Softball Bingo

BTP Partners With Softball Bingo

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By Maren Angus

Behind the Plate Softball is excited to announced that it has teamed up with Tori Fite of Louisiana College as the exclusive home of Softball Bingo for the 2018 season. The first board features the upcoming National Fastpitch Coaches Association Convention in Las Vegas and can be found on btpsoftball.com and BTP social media platforms.

Softball Bingo exploded onto the scene during the 2017 Women’s College World Series and became a unique way for fans across the country to interact with each other on social media.

“I noticed that everyone from National Pro Fastpitch players, college coaches and players, as well as fans, were all tweeting the same hilarious things,” said Fite. “That’s when I thought it would be fun to somehow put it all together and show everyone that we were all laughing and complaining about the same exact things during the WCWS.”

The first card made its debut on the second day of the WCWS. It was only shared with close friends but it became so comical that she decided to tweet it for the world. Next thing she knew, Adam Amin from ESPN mentioned Softball Bingo on the broadcast.

“For the second card I knew I needed to step up my game so I turned to the professionals,” said Fite. “I’m in a NFCA mentorship program with Benet Higgs as well as Joy Jackson of Texas A&M and those two gave me some great ideas! Joy even had Coach Evans joining in the fun!”

By the Championship Series, Jen Schroeder and Morgan Stuart of The Packaged Deal were texting Fite and wanted in on the fun.

“Some of their square suggestions were game changers,” said Fite. “Side note, am I the only one who thought Michele Smith purposely wore sleeves for that game?”

There will be a new board up weekly on BTP and social media outlets for fans to download. Eventually, the boards can be boards throughout the year for any weekend.

“As we all know, the softball community is so incredible and one-of-a-kind so I don’t know why I expected anything less,” said Fite. “I am so glad I was able to add a little extra fun to the epic postseason and look forward to working with BTP for 2018.”

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