Donuts for Dingers and Swing

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By Maren Angus

Georgia’s Alyssa DiCarlo is a creature of habit, especially, when it comes to breakfast.

“I have a donut almost every morning,” DiCarlo laughed. “I just love Dunkin’.”

The routine has payed off for the junior shortstop. She is hitting .402 with 72 hits, 21 home runs, 67 runs batted in and an .855 slugging percentage.

Breakfast can’t be just any donut though. It has to be a maple donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. Before Georgia played Northwestern in the Athens Regional, she ate a maple donut. She also went 4-for-4 with three homers. On Thursday, she only ate half a donut. She homered but the Bulldogs lost to the Gators 11-3.

“I did have one but I didn’t eat the whole thing,” DiCarlo laughed. “It wasn’t very good. I will eat a whole one tomorrow — or not tomorrow, the next day (Saturday).”

Georgia will face another team, Florida State, Saturday that also has an interesting ritual. It comes in the form of one word, swing.

When Sydney Sherill stepped into the box against UCLA’s Rachel Garcia, head coach Lonnie Alameda told to say one word over and over again. It was a way for her to get out of her heard and just focus on one thing.  It worked, she cleared the bases with a double to left and the Seminoles pushed their lead to 4-0.

“I was kind of in my head those first two at-bats,” Sherill said. I talked to Coach, I said, I’m in my head and she said get out of your head. She gave me a way to do it… I wish she would have told me that earlier in the year but it’s fine. It’s a good time to say it.”

According to Alameda, the most important part of the game is the mental game. If a player goes into the box with negative thoughts, she is going to get negative results.

“I’m not saying it’s all me and the word I told her,” Alameda said. “She is just a great hitter and it all happened to be in that moment.”


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