//Quick Fix Is No Substitute For The Fundamentals

Quick Fix Is No Substitute For The Fundamentals

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By Amanda Scarborough,
Pitching Coach, The Packaged Deal

     Amanda Scarborough

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to pitching. I get that question a lot when it comes to athletes these days. They seem to think a certain drill will correct the inconsistency immediately. I think it’s because there is less of a focus on fundamentals and more focus on results.

Success is a process that involves learning a little bit every day. When you work to perfect the fundamentals, you will have the best results LATER. If you stick with the process, it’s not uncommon to have some bad days and that’s ok, don’t panic. The panicked, quick fix feeling is not healthy for anyone.

I sometimes compare softball to building a house. First, you lay the foundation and then you add some rooms and decorate and by the end, you have a beautiful end result. But if someone cuts corners while building that house, it will break down over time. With softball, a solid foundation is crucial in every aspect of the game. You add to that foundation a little bit at a time, improving your confidence and there will be fewer breakdowns when you rely on that solid foundation.

Remember, it’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to feel failure but you have to be able to move on quickly from it. If you’re scared to fail, that failure will feel so heavy. The very best in our game make mistakes but they make adjustments and move on.

It’s all about the mindset and telling yourself that you can do it. At The Packaged Deal, we teach two key things in an hour and 15 minutes. The first is how to deal with making mistakes and the other is how to make adjustments. We teach mechanics too but we find that comes easier when you buy into the mental concept first.


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