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Respect The Game: Social Media Captures Everything

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By BTP Coaches

Steadily over the years, we’ve seen social media take over our children’s lives. Most of the time we use it as a way to stay connected to teammates, parents and coaches but we have also seen it used negatively.

Well, a customer who was sitting across from the team decided to take to the town’s social media and blast the athlete.  An adult not only wrote a novel about the player but, posted the player’s jersey number.

Once that happened, it turned into a free-for-all. Someone posted a link to the team’s roster, which has since been taken down. Then, someone else posted a link to the athlete’s personal Facebook page. 

We are all about holding athletes accountable for their actions especially, when they are out in apparel that represents their school and sport but we are not okay with adults threatening children.

Nobody is perfect and she did go back to apologize to the restaurant. But the team is receiving threats; parents are worried for their children’s safety. That is not okay.  The thread has been deleted numerous times but so many people have taken a screenshot, us included, that it will never go away.

The team was told to take down anything on their cars that resembled the high school softball program. She will forever be known as the player who said the bad word in town and she is paying the price.

She is a senior, met with the principal and is now suffering the consequences. She was suspended for two weekends. She does not plan on playing in college but if she were, she wouldn’t be anymore. Let this be a lesson to all the younger athletes out there.  When you are representing your team or your school, you are under a microscope. Everything you do on and off the field makes an impression. It’s up to you, the athlete, to make sure you make a good one.

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