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One Last Moment

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By Celena Massey
Texas A&M ’17

EDITORS NOTE: Celena Massey was a catcher at Texas A&M from 2013-2017. In her eighth at bat of the season, she launched a home run over the left field wall against UCLA in the Women’s College World Series. With the 2018 season quickly approaching, the homer is just a memory but now she is ready to tell her version of the story.

I had always dreamed of being an Aggie and my four years in College Station was coming to an end. It was Senior Day 2017 and two weeks before the Women’s College World Series. All of a sudden, my knee got stuck. I know it sounds weird but earlier in the season I tore my meniscus and had surgery on it. Somehow, I popped it out and it got stuck.

I couldn’t walk and kept thinking about the upcoming postseason. I was forced to have another surgery, there was no other option. We scheduled the procedure for after the SEC Tournament. That gave me two weeks to rehab and be back on the field for the Women’s College World Series.

With two outs in the bottom of the 7th, Coach Jo Evans put me in to pinch hit against UCLA. We were down 8-1 and I honestly just wanted to have a quality at bat. I wasn’t trying to do anything big. As I rounded first, it hit me.

I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh! It really went out!”

In that moment I was so happy. I couldn’t believe what just happened and adrenaline took over. I didn’t feel any pain.

My career at A&M was pretty up-and-down. My senior year was really difficult. Before tearing my meniscus, I broke my arm. I saw my position on the team evolve over the four years and by senior year, I think I was definitely more of a selfless teammate. At least that’s the legacy I hoped I left with the program. It was definitely hard to understand at times but no matter what I was always there to make myself and my teammates better.

The tradition in OKC when someone hits a home run is for their parents to get the ball. My dad met me with my home run ball after the game. Of all the moments we’ve shared, I was so thankful to share one more with them after my last game. They were on more of a high than I was but it was so cool. Actually, they still have the ball.

Now, that my playing career is over I have been working for San Antonio A&M Club, it’s for alumni in the Greater San Antonio area, and I have started a woodworking business on the side. I call it cMy Custom Designs and I make things like cutting boards and coasters. Everything is made out of mesquite wood. The woodworking craft has been passed down generation-to-generation in my family and I just love it.

Other than that, I give lessons to some younger kids in my area but my softball career really ended with that ball went over the left field wall and I met my teammates at home plate.

Gig ‘Em!

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