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“Controlled Aggression” — The Key To My 5 Consecutive HRs

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By Lexi Rouse

I hit my first home run of the weekend against Mercer and didn’t think anything of it. Then, I walked in my next at bat.

Next came Kennesaw. Looking back on that game, I didn’t have a great start in the circle.  I didn’t get an at bat in the first inning so I came up to the plate angry in the second. I was so mad at myself for not performing the way I knew I could.

Lexi Rouse

I call it, controlled aggression. It couldn’t get any worse for me at that point so I wasn’t afraid to fail and I hit a home run. That was nice but it still didn’t’ feel like a big deal because, in my head, I had failed tremendously.

I come up to the plate for the second time that game and I still have that controlled anger. I don’t know how else to describe it but I hit my second homer of the game. No big deal right? Well, I come up again and I knew they weren’t going to throw me inside again so I sat on the outside pitch and she threw one that was destined for the long ball. I stuck my hands out and it went over. I was like, “What the heck just happened?” We lost that game so I wasn’t overjoyed but it was kind of cool to hit three home runs in a game.

The next day, Coach (Brian) Levin asked me what my mindset was during the previous game and I told him that I really didn’t have any fear of failure because I knew I couldn’t do any worse.

He addressed the team and mentioned what we talked about. He told us to trust our swing and our pitch selection. That team talk really built my confidence and took away any kind of extra pressure I had put on myself going into the next game.

Another home run! That was a surreal moment for me. I was just looking for a good pitch and it got a lot of the plate so I used that to my advantage.  I had no idea about the record until after the game but that home run got me really pumped up.

The game has a way of balancing itself out. I didn’t pitch great but then I hit well.  Even though I got individual national recognition for this, it is sweet for Belmont to have its name out there. That’s the direction this program is going. We may not be a national contender this year or next year and maybe it’s 10 years down the road but that’s the goal.

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