//Game Day Feels Jumps Into Softball Market

Game Day Feels Jumps Into Softball Market

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It was December 2015 in Cincinnati and at the time, Baseball Lacelets, was just starting out and trying to market their bracelets made from glove lace to the baseball world. Now, they have re-branded to Game Day Feels and business is booming. The market for Hannah King and Alexis Rosenbaum was strictly baseball until now. Game Day Feels is creating an exclusive line of softball-related bracelets just for you!

How are things going so far in 2017?
GDF: Things have been super busy. It feels like we are nonstop and that we are always looking for something to work on, something bigger. We are selling bracelets through GameWear since they have the licensing instead of trying to go to the Winter Meetings and trying to sell directly to the teams. The holidays were insane as always, it’s our biggest sale of the year!
BTP: When I met you, the colors were brown and black. Now, you have every color of leather it seems?
GDF: In our downtime before the holidays, we researched new tanneries. Then, the tannery we were using sent us new samples. So we’ve changed color to better the quality and it’s amazing!
BTP: You make everything by hand correct?
GDF: Yes, everything is done by hand in studio in Loveland, Ohio. My sister (Alexis) and I own it and we employ three stay-at-home moms basically.
BTP: What is the process for making a bracelet?
GDF: There’s a huge process that goes into just creating one bracelet. We try to make as many as we can at once. Five people have touched the bracelet before it’s even packaged; someone printed it, made it, cut it, whatever it may be.
BTP: What are the different styles you have?
GDF: We have this new leather and it’s called WIDE on the website. It’s a little bit thicker and more durable. We have the lanyards, the WIDE and some purse tassels. We also just got ROPE leather and we are using it as a choker, so it’s a bracelet that wraps around your wrist six times. We also have the standard female size (16 inch) and the standard male size (19 inch). The standard bracelets are $25.

BTP: What do you engrave on the bracelets?
GDF: You can get something baseball themed or religious or inspiring or adventurous. We separated our favorite quotes into categories but you can personalize your own. You can also add symbols.
BTP: So what can we do to market to softball?
GDF: We can come up with a softball category that has the coordinates of the professional stadiums and ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. We can also come up with softball quotes too!

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