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WCWS Bingo Presented by Mental Sweet Spot and Wristpectables

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Last season, #SoftballBingo took the college softball community by storm. It’s creator, Tori Fite, created an interactive communication channel between coaches, players, fans and commentators.

WCWS Bingo cards were created and games were played throughout the week but now the stakes have been raised.

Thanks to Melanie Rushing of Mental Sweet Spot and Katrina Saacke of Wristpectables, WCWS Bingo officially has sponsors and prizes. Each daily winner will receive a prize from Wristpectables while the Grand Prize Winner will win a free Mental Training Foundation package which consists of seven one-hour courses. But, there are rules to follow in order to win.

Official Contest Entry Rules

1. Must retweet or share WCWS #SoftballBingo bard on social media for official entry.

2. Must follow @btpsoftball, @mentalsweetspot and @wristpectables in order to win.

3. Must use #SoftballBingo with retweet.

4. Bonus points for giving @TFite11 a shoutout.

5. Must cross off squares when submitting bingo.

6. The first person to email his/her bingo to behindtheplatesoftball@gmail.com will win.

7. The winner will be notified at the conclusion of each day.

8. The Grand Prize will be awarded to the person who emails the most bingo cards.

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